FINAL DEADLINE IS MARCH 31, 2017 at 5:00 pm (EDT).


•  The winners will be announced at Festival of South Asia 2017 (date TBD)
•  Submissions may be shared online during and after the contest.
•  Sign-up here for contest and story updates.

Become a part of Toronto’s history!
Applicants who submit photos may be invited to approach the City of Toronto Archives to donate their works to a permanent collection.
An event will be held at the Gerrard/Ashdale Library that will feature select submissions from each of the contests. Details TBA.
Please also visit the Gerrard/Ashdale Branch for a curated display featuring books and materials on writing and photography.
The Gerrard India Bazaar burst onto the scene in the late 1970’s to become one of Toronto’s busiest commercial centres and North America’s largest South Asian market. For decades the streets were packed and bustling with energy. South Asians came here to experience a taste of their homeland while they adapted to their new homes in Canada and the USA. At the Bazaar they could watch a Hindi movie, buy groceries from their homeland as well as music, sarees, clothing, textiles, appliances and other goods. There were conflicts and clashes but collectively this vibrant marketplace established itself and flourished. Your stories and photos should reflect aspects of the culture, energy and spirit of the Gerrard India Bazaar from 1975 to present day.
An independent judging panel including representatives selected by Village of Dreams Productions Inc., the City of Toronto Archives, the Gerrard/Ashdale Public Library, TVO and the Gerrard India Bazaar’s Business Improvement Association will evaluate submissions. The photographs, videos and stories submitted will be evaluated based on their ability to evoke a sense of time and place, their artistic quality and their overall representation of the Gerrard India Bazaar.